Can You Escape Love? Inspired by Undertale GAME
Can You Escape Love? Inspired by Undertale GAME free online game may become an escapade and a combat. In which, you have to help yourself get rid of the chase of Yang the Sheep to enter the year of the monkey. To complete the mission, you have to find... Read more
Five Days At Jumpscare Academy
Five Days At Jumpscare Academy-FNAF DATING SIM is an exciting online game, which is now available on the iOS/Amazon and on the Android Google Play store. Aside from that, the bug related to Purple’s “Yes” answer is also fixed. You will play as a new student who has entered... Read more
Interactive Sleeping Foxy!
Interactive Sleeping Foxy! is an interesting free online game. It is the story involving an adorable animal character which has lots of similarities to Foxy the pirate coming from FNAF series of Scott Cawthon. You will have a simple and easy way to play. Your mission is to tranquilize... Read more
Too Many Ponies: ‘Create Your OC’ Edition
Too Many Ponies: ‘Create Your OC’ Edition is a wonderful free online game for you to play. It will help you create the own Ocs in form of little creatures which as called Pufs. After that, you can explore the world with your characters, pick them up, or feed... Read more
FIVE DAY’S AT FREDDY’S: FREDDY’S TANTRUM! is an astonishing free online game which is set in 1987, the time including lots of memorable events. The story that you are going to engage will involve Freddy. He gets angry when hearing that Chica will be trashed. To counteract this, he... Read more
FNAF Halloween Maze Game
FNAF Halloween Maze Game is one of the most exciting free online FNAF fan-made games that you should check out right now. It is made to greet a happy Halloween season. Therefore, it’s fairly funny. although you can see many familiar animatronic robots coming from the original by Scott... Read more


June 8, 2017 0

SPRINGTRAP’S RAMPAGE is a great free online game related to a rampage and a revenge of a scary animatronics named Springtrap. He is the main character that you need to help in order to destroy and wipe out everyone crossing the way. Everything starts after he was found between... Read more
Flying Freddy – A FNAF Flash Game
Flying Freddy – A FNAF Flash Game is an addicting free online game that kids and adults can play and enjoy right now. The story that you will take part in is related to Freddy, the leader of a scary gang inhabiting in a haunted family restaurant in the... Read more
Bonnie’s Love Calculator
Bonnie’s Love Calculator is a free online game involving a lovely character which is inhabiting in a vintage pizza restaurant. He will give you chance to learn more information about him. It means that you can know the probability of Bonnies as well as explore how successful his relationship... Read more
Five Nights Of Love v2.1: FNAF DATING SIM GAME
Five Nights Of Love v2.1: FNAF DATING SIM GAME is a fantastic online game for you to play for free. It consists of lots of secrets to find along with ten different characters to date, six new animatronic robots. Not only that, you can find twelve endings, in which... Read more